When Should I Hire an Emergency Plumber?

Let’s face facts; nobody wants to call out an emergency plumber in any circumstances, particularly when you consider the cost and inconvenience.


However, there are instances when this can actually save you money over time, as it prevents issues from becoming too problematic or costly to repair. 


But when should you call out an emergency plumber, and when should you keep your powder dry? Let’s find out!


Blocked Drains


Let’s start with an obvious assertion; nobody should ever attempt to fix a blocked drain unless they’re a qualified and accredited engineer.


After all, this can be one of the most complex and damaging plumbing complaints imaginable, and attempting a DIY repair can have major implications for both your home and your bank balance.


The primary issue with blocked drains is that they can take a large amount of time to inspect, whilst accurate diagnosis requires industry knowledge and some state-of-the-art tools. 


So, we recommend leaving this to the experts and calling out an emergency plumber!


Frozen Pipes


It’s that time of year again, when the pipes begin to freeze and your home can turn into an uncomfortable ice-box!


Whilst you may be tempted to thaw frozen pipes by using a hairdryer or a heated towel, however, you should note that an emergency plumber will be able to diagnose the precise issue quickly whilst also shutting off the main water valve to prevent any further damage.


Remember, you can reduce the risk of frozen pipes by investing in DIY lagging, which can cost as little as £5 and provide effective insulation over time.


Burst Pipes


Another reason to call out an emergency plumber for frozen pipes is that this issue can otherwise escalate quickly.


More specifically, the standing water in the pipework will form a blockage as it continues to freeze, and this can build during the winter before bursting and leaving your home a sodden mess!


Make no mistake; burst pipes can cause significant damage to your home interior, so it’s important to call out an emergency plumber to tackle this issue as quickly as humanly possible.


This may be an exercise in damage limitation, but it’s one that can save you huge sums of cash over time!


Which Emergency Plumber Should you Hire?


For those of you who need an emergency plumber and reside in a 20-mile radius of Northampton, you can rest assured that the team at CV Plumbers and Heating has you covered!


Our experienced engineers are all Gas Safe-registered and City & Guilds qualified, whilst our customer-centric service enables us to attend your home in double-quick time and resolve even the most complex plumbing issues.


So, if you need our emergency plumbing service today, give us a call on 07834 949683! Or, if you have any other queries, email us at info@cvph.co.uk and we’ll respond as quickly as we can!