Should I Repair My Boiler or Install a New Boiler?

If your boiler has begun to breakdown, you’ll be faced with one of the age-old dilemmas of home ownership.


More specifically, you’ll need to decide whether to repair your existing unit or consider upgrading to a brand new one, in order to make a cost-effective choice that delivers genuine value for money.


But what are the key considerations that can help you to arrive at an informed decision? Here are some points to keep in mind:


Make Safety the Key Watchword


Whilst your budget is always a consideration when choosing between repairing and replacing your boiler, safety should always be your number one priority.


This is particularly true if you own an older boiler, as this unit may no longer meet the modern laws or safety standards laid out by the Gas Safety register. In this case, you should consider upgrading to a new and safer model that will provide far greater peace of mind.


You’ll also need to consider the nature of the fault in hand, as those that increase the risk of carbon monoxide leaks are unlikely to be repaired with any great sense of permanence.


A New Boiler May Drive Long-term Savings


On a similar note, those of you who own an older, non-condensing boiler may find that this unit is relatively expensive to operate.


In fact, modern A-rated models are often up to 35% more efficient than non-condensing units, creating a scenario where you can recoup the cost of a new boiler through future energy bill savings.


At the same time, you need to consider the cost of recurring, long-term repairs. In instances where your boiler’s faults are likely to occur frequently over time, for example, the cost of maintenance could ultimately exceed the price of a new boiler.


Can You Leverage Boiler Finance to Reduce Installation Costs?


If you really want to leverage the benefits of a new boiler but are worried about costs, you should check if you’re eligible for a finance package.


After all, boiler finance packages enable you to spread the cost of a new unit over a series of manageable monthly repayments, creating an immediately affordable option that offers superb value.


This can make the choice between repairing and replacing your boiler something of a no-brainer, which is great news for home-owners nationwide!


Let CV Plumbers and Heating Manage Your New Boiler Installation


If you’re facing this dilemma and reside in Northampton or a 20-mile radius, you can call on the Gas Safe-registered team at CV Plumbers and Heating to help you make your decision and undertake any subsequent repairs or installation.


After all, not only will our seasoned engineers attend your home and offer you practical and impartial advice, but we also offer three, five and seven-year boiler financial packages to qualifying customers.


To find out more, you can reach out in writing through our contact page here. Or, feel free to call us on 07834 949683 and speak to one of the team directly.