How to Keep Your Central Heating in Good Condition

Whilst you may not be a plumbing and heating engineer, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take proactive steps towards keeping your central heating in tip-top condition.


Many of these steps are preventative rather than reactive in their nature, which means that you can negate the need for repair work and save considerable sums of money over time.


So, here are three simple steps that can keep your central heating system firing all-year-round!


Have Your Boiler Serviced Annually


Regardless of the make of your boiler unit or its age, it’s imperative that you invest in an annual service.


This is offered by most Gas Safe-registered engineers, and it involves them attending your property, completing a full inspection of the heating system and correcting any faults before they become too problematic.


The latter point is crucial, as whilst you may pay for the annual service of your boiler, this prevents faults from going undetected and ultimately becoming incredibly costly to repair over time.


Turn on Your Heating Sporadically During the Summer


Whilst you’re unlikely to use your boiler as regularly during the summer, it can be detrimental to leave the unit switched off throughout the warmer months.


Although this may save you money, it can also impede the performance of the heating system and impact negatively on its bar pressure level.


So, we’d recommend turning on your boiler for a brief period at regular intervals during the summer, whilst checking the pressure and ensuring that no cold patches are developing on the radiators.


Bleed Your Radiators


On a similar note, you should look to bleed your radiators in order to release trapped air in the system and keep your home at the optimal temperature at all times.


You should at least bleed your radiators once a year as a home-owner, although you may also want to carry out this task at the beginning of the cold weather seasons.


This should prevent cold patches from forming on your radiators and ultimately keep the pressure at the optimal, 1.5 bar level, which will in turn help to boost the longevity of the heating system.


Calling on CV Plumbers and Heating to Help you Maintain your Heating System


Even with the most proactive outlook imaginable, you’ll need some professional help from time to time when maintaining your central heating system.


At CV Plumbers and Heating, we’ve been providing this type of guidance to Northampton residents for years now, with our Gas Safe-registered and City & Guilds qualified engineers both highly skilled and in-tune with each customer’s needs.


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