What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

In recent times, we’ve seen a surge in demand for underfloor heating as home-owners have come to understand the unique benefits of this unique system.


Underfloor heating differs from radiators in that it radiates heat from floor to ceiling, warming the objects in the room rather than the air that surrounds them.


You’ll certainly feel the benefit of this during the winter, and this is just one of the benefits associated with underfloor heating installation. Here are some of the others:


Enjoy Enhanced Levels of Comfort


Let’s start with the basics; as we’ve already touched on the fact that underfloor heating can provide a more effective and consistent source of heat in the home.


This translates into increased comfort, as heat is more evenly distributed throughout individual rooms and you’ll be able to attain a more ambient temperature whilst reducing the amount of energy consumed. 


You’ll undoubtedly feel the benefits all-year-round, as you look to create a warm and comfortable interior without overspending on your energy bills.


Boost Your Home’s Carbon Footprint


If we accept the fact that underfloor heating creates a more ambient temperature whilst also minimising waste, it’s apparent that this represents one of the most energy-efficient heating systems around.


So, whilst it may cost a little more to install an underfloor heating system in the first place, you can recoup this cost in a relatively short period of time through subsequent energy savings.


Over time, this will reduce your home’s overall carbon footprint and make the property more appealing to potential buyers should you ever choose to sell.


Benefit from Improved Heating Control

Underfloor heating also introduces the element of superior control, which also translates into lower running costs.


The reason for this is simple; as the thermostats used in conjunction with underfloor heating differ from conventional alternatives as one will be featured in each room throughout the house.


This is a huge advantage, and one that adds to the idea of creating energy-efficient comfort at all times of the year!


Why CV Plumbers & Heating Can Help with your Installation


If you live in Northampton and have decided to have underfloor heating installed, you can call on CV Plumbers & Heating to manage the project on your behalf.


We have years of experience in the industry, whilst we’re also Gas Safe-registered and City & Guilds qualified. As a brand, we’re also proud to be accredited installers with a number of premium boiler firms, whilst you can rest assured that our engineers are all fully insured and offer a warranty for all works.


To request a quote in writing, feel free to drop us an email at info@cvph.co.uk at your earliest convenience. Or, you can call us on 07834 949683 and speak to one of the team directly.